tag2find goes around the world

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

marc.gifFirst of all, thank you all for your interest in tag2find.
Since the article on Techcrunch tag2find is going around the world. We have visits from Honolulu to Wellington in New Zealand and from Umea Sweden to Falkland Islands. We are overwhelmed about your reactions.

Today, I received a message that we are even on the hotlist at del.icio.us.


Presently, tag2find is a test version in a technical preview stage. Please mind that some issues are not fixed and we hope to get a lot of feedback to improve tag2find for you. Next week, there will be an update and all requested invitations will receive an email with a password to download tag2find. Therefore, we ask you for your patience.

If you not have been subscribed for an invitation password, click on join beta and enter your email.