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Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Tag Logo 80×80We have just published our maintenance release (download).

In this release we fixed a lot of small bugs. Our 0.10 line is still supported for bug fixing, but major improvements will be added to the “Next-Generation” version.

New and noteworthy:

  • Support for 120 dpi screen resolution (see also related article).
  • The tag2find Windows Explorer context menu handler was not installed on all computers.
  • Plugging in external NTFS-formatted USB devices did not add the volume name (i.e. “E:\”) to the filenames.
  • .OGG is now in the lists of media files, allowing playback from the integrated Windows Media Player if the OGG codec is installed.
  • Fixed a crash on startup if Windows Media Player was not installed on the system.
  • Thumbnail preview of PDF files (if Adobe PDF IExtractImage Filter is installe, i.e. Adobe Reader is installed).
  • Added “Check for Update” to notify icon context menu and “Help” menu in TagBrowser.
  • The “Add Files Wizard” now allows specification of which files to import based on the file extensions (forum request).
  • Several startup exceptions and fixes for hibernation problems (sorry, we could not eliminate all of them at the moment).

Technical Preview
We just want to remind you that this is still “Technical Preview”. tag2find became quite popular over the last time (and we really appreciate it, thank you folks!) and people expect performance we cannot deliver for the current release. Please stay patient with us, we will keep up working on it. Our main goal at the moment is to improve the usability, that’s what the “Next Generation” is about. We will then look into the performance issues.

Once more, thank you all for your great support! 😉

Version for everyone

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

Tag Logo 80x80Two days ago we silently released version (download) to the public. It is just a very minor bug-fix release including several minor fixes for bugs that have been reported to us.

It seems that for some reason the update-notification could have caused a crash in versions prior to this one, so we recommend anyone to upgrade.

The 0.10.x series despite some usability issues is stable enough to be released to the “general public”. Therefore we have removed the requirement to subscribe in order to download tag2find. Please note, this is still a Technical Preview, there still are bugs and we still need you to get rid of them. Please help us make tag2find a better tool.

We are now working on an improved version of tag2find, regarding both user interface and functionality. This will take us some time but until then we will continue to support 0.10.x with bug-fix releases. The team is going to give you a glimpse of what is about to come in the next one or two weeks. Some information are already available from our “next-generation page” on our homepage. You are highly encouraged to comment on the new user-interface (either here or better in our forum).

Thank you all for your ongoing support. We really love to work with and for people like you. Any suggestions are as always also welcome in our forum.

tag2find v0.10.0.14 is out

Monday, February 26th, 2007

Tag Logo 80x80We are proud to release version to our testing community (download). This version realizes several changes you requested and also introduces two major new features. We also now provide an extended manual.

What’s new

  • New File Notification
  • Drag & Drop out of the application
  • Export and import of tags (basic backup functionality)
  • Basic Tag-Suggestions
  • Several dozens bug fixes regarding stability
  • Several dozens of minur UI tweaks to enhance usability

Please let me give you a short description of our new major features.


Version 0.10 Release Schedule

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

tag2find v0.10 is currently in the final stage of development and is now under heavy internal testing. We have scheduled the release for Monday, February 26th, 2007.

Thank you all for your patience!

Version 0.10 will be available soon

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Currently, we are working hard to hand out version 0.10 of tag2find with the following main features:

  • Initialize tagging
  • Drag & drop to external applications
  • New file monitoring

Launch time is planned on Monday/Tuesday next week.

tag2find v0.8.1.4 is out

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

Tag Logo 80x80After the storm of feedback which reached us after the TechCrunch article was posted, we are now pleased to announce that we fixed the most important bugs of 0.8.0 and that we are now able to release version of tag2find as a minor upgrade. This version is now available to all our approved members of the technical preview program. Other users are welcome to sign up!
I’d like to thank all members of our technical preview program who helped us by submitting feedback. Thank you, guys!

As promised, we will now also approve the next bunch of users for the technical preview program. Due to the unexpected high number of requests, it can take some time to approve you all. Thank you for your patience.

I hope you stay with us and help us further improve tag2find. Considering the upcoming features for v0.10, which we expect to publish end of January, I’m sure it’s worth it.

It’s done! – v0.8.0.3 is out!

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

We finally did it! After literally working almost 24/7 the last several weeks and now after a programming marathon of around 42 hours nonstop, we are proud to announce the release of version, our first “technical preview” version of tag2find. This is our X-mas present to our community and ourselves. tag2find is available for download by all approved members of the “technical preview” program. If you are not an approved member yet, don’t hesitate, register now, we are still searching testers.

As is our first release available to our members, let me give you a short introduction what you are about to get. This release offers you:

  • Full tagging of files on local volumes that are formated using the NTFS volume, including detection of renames, copies, etc.,
  • integration with Windows Explorer & Internet Explorer,
  • an decent Floating TagBox that is always handy available on your desktop if you want to search or tag,
  • image preview,
  • an embedded Windows Media Player for playing your music and videos,
  • your own personal TagCloud,
  • and lots of powerful tools to easily manipulate your tags,
  • and even more

If that got you interested (and I’m quite sure it did), and you want to be able to get the well known power of tagging from the web right to your desktop, I recommend you taking a look at our features and the tour.

Please keep in mind, this is the first release of the “technical preview” release. We worked really hard to deliver a stable and very useful first beta version, but we need your help to sort things out. Please join us in our forum or write us comments here, as soon as you have experience with our product.

So, that’s all for now. Most of the developers will now start their well-earned X-mas Holidays, so please be gentle and allow some days response time to requests and answers. The team will be back in full strength on January 3rd, 2007. And I hope to read some nice comments here 😉

Wish you all a nice X-mas and a Happy New Year & a lot of fun tagging your digital world with tag2find. I’m off of the office now 😉

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