bye, bye tag2find!

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Three months have already passed and now it’s time to go back… Living in Austria was calmer and quiet for me comparing to Greece where everyone speaks loudly, drive nervously and take every action in ‘high speed mode’!

It is a great experience to live for some time in a foreign country, you can see some things from a different point of view and it would be even easier for me if I could speak German as well!

My life here at tag2find was also a valuable experience. One important thing that will remain in my mind is that if I want to have success in my professional life I should do something that I love. These people really love what they do and I guess this is the greatest motivation for them and represents one of the main reasons for tag2find success as well.

I want to say ‘thank you’ and wish the best to all of you. Hope to meet you again and…Yannella! – I wish I could be your ‘mahlzeit company’ from distance 😉 !

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Welcome Afroditi!

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

afroditi.png We want to introduce you all a new member of the tag2find team… meet Afroditi! She has only been with us for almost one week and at the moment she is trying to adapt herself to the Austrian life style which is very different of Greek culture where she is from. I have to admit that I am so happy with her arrive because I am not the only girl in the office anymore and because she don’t speak German either so… sorry guys now you must speak more in English!

I’m sure she will write a post very soon telling us how she feel and what are her first impressions of everything, (don’t worry Afroditi you will have your briki soon 😉 ) we hope you will all give Afroditi a welcome to the tag2find family!