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“What the heck are you guys doing?”

Friday, May 8th, 2009

A very justified question, I confess, and I feel guilty about the apparent non-progress we made. Well, it’s not like there has been no progress at all, but no apparent progress to the rest of the world. After making huge promises more than a year ago, I felt the need to explain what is going on.

After our project lost funding, we tried to find alternatives. We had to take other projects and day-time-jobs in order to go on. These projects and jobs at the moment take away much of our time, unfortunately. As an additional burden, in our attempt to release tag2find as open-source, we need to convince our sponsors that it is “the right thing to do” and not throwing away invested money and development effort.

Third, tag2find is built upon various libraries, open-source and not-open-source ones, that play very nicely together in a closed-source scenario. As soon as you attempt to open-source your code, it becomes really stressfull. I never had imagined that releasing open-source code would be more painful regarding legal issues and licenses than releasing closed-source. Our already mentioned problems with our licensed art-work are playing into this as well…

So, to sum it up and answer the initial question from this blog post’s title: we guys are taking a small step after another in order to reach our goal. We continue and do not give up on tag2find, as we still believe it to be “a good thing”. We have great plans and would really like to have the resources (financial and time-related) to realize them.

We thank you all for your continued support, the fact that you, after all this time we kept you waiting are still bearing with us. It means a great lot to us! You are the reason we try to go on!

Yes, we also have a Bowl

Monday, July 16th, 2007

Austria has it’s own Superbowl it is called the Austrian Bowl XXIII and was played last Saturday in Vienna. On that day the number one ranked European (American) Football team, Vienna Vikings, played against the Graz Giants in front of 6.000 people + tag2find crew. The game was only close at the first half. After that the Vikings offense machineries got started and they won the Austrian Bowl 42:14. At this night game we had a lot of fun and it took us two days to recover from fan cheering 😉

Here some impressions from that game:

1.jpg 17.jpg 11.jpg
12.jpg 8.jpg 4.jpg

bye, bye tag2find!

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Three months have already passed and now it’s time to go back… Living in Austria was calmer and quiet for me comparing to Greece where everyone speaks loudly, drive nervously and take every action in ‘high speed mode’!

It is a great experience to live for some time in a foreign country, you can see some things from a different point of view and it would be even easier for me if I could speak German as well!

My life here at tag2find was also a valuable experience. One important thing that will remain in my mind is that if I want to have success in my professional life I should do something that I love. These people really love what they do and I guess this is the greatest motivation for them and represents one of the main reasons for tag2find success as well.

I want to say ‘thank you’ and wish the best to all of you. Hope to meet you again and…Yannella! – I wish I could be your ‘mahlzeit company’ from distance 😉 !

picture-019.gif img_4918.gif img_4654.gif

Return from USA

Friday, June 1st, 2007

usa.jpg Yes, we are back home from our USA trip which was wonderful. We had so much fun, met a lot of interesting people and loved the food 😉

Special thanks to Sian from Folksonomy who showed us some nice pizza place.

We traveled from LA to SF and were surprised about the interest in tag2find. We are already invited to SF for further talks which will take place in October. Maybe it will be a good time for tag2find …

In the next couple of days we will place more information as well as images on our blog.

tag2find wiilympics!

Friday, May 11th, 2007

tag2find team had a very nice start of the week during their first wiilympics. The competition consisted in different categories (Bowling, tennis, baseball, boxing and golf) and we must admit that the final results were very equal, now let’s see what is going to happen in the second part of these Olympics 😉

See the results and some images…

Welcome Afroditi!

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

afroditi.png We want to introduce you all a new member of the tag2find team… meet Afroditi! She has only been with us for almost one week and at the moment she is trying to adapt herself to the Austrian life style which is very different of Greek culture where she is from. I have to admit that I am so happy with her arrive because I am not the only girl in the office anymore and because she don’t speak German either so… sorry guys now you must speak more in English!

I’m sure she will write a post very soon telling us how she feel and what are her first impressions of everything, (don’t worry Afroditi you will have your briki soon 😉 ) we hope you will all give Afroditi a welcome to the tag2find family!

tag2find at tech2b Day 2007

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

tag2find was one of the exhibitors at the tech2b Day 2007, an event which offers a view of new applications and technology projects of Austrian companies and gives a preview of how new technologies will affect our everyday life in the near future.

Here are some images from the event.

tech2b_day.jpg tech2b_day9.jpg tech2b_day2.jpg
tech2b_day3.jpg tech2b_day4.jpg tech2b_day5.jpg
tech2b_day6.jpg tech2b_day7.jpg tech2b_day8.jpg

Now, it’s done (Part 1)

Monday, March 19th, 2007

We are out of our old and ready to work in our new & bigger office 😉
Here are some images from our moving:

Click to enlarge image.

dsc00010.jpg dsc00009.jpg dsc00011.jpg
dsc00012.jpg dsc00006.jpg dsc00013.jpg
dsc00008.jpg dsc00007.jpg  

Happy Birthday, Yannella!

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

candle80x80.pngWe wish you all the best! Hope you stay lucky and happy for the next years (or better: the rest of your life ;)). Now, we tagged your birthday 😉

tag2find kart race

Friday, January 26th, 2007

rudi.jpgToday, tag2find team and some guests had a lot of fun during their first tag2find cart race. Gratulations to our tag2find champions:
Girls Race – Christine
Big Race – Rudi

See the results and some images…