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Version 0.10 Release Schedule

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

tag2find v0.10 is currently in the final stage of development and is now under heavy internal testing. We have scheduled the release for Monday, February 26th, 2007.

Thank you all for your patience!

Version 0.10 will be available soon

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Currently, we are working hard to hand out version 0.10 of tag2find with the following main features:

  • Initialize tagging
  • Drag & drop to external applications
  • New file monitoring

Launch time is planned on Monday/Tuesday next week.

Storms in Austria – Loss of E-Mail Connectivity

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Austria, as several other countries in Western and Central Europe, is currently experiencing heavy storms. Unfortunately our main office in Hagenberg is currently in an area without power supply, because several power lines have been damaged by the storm. As a consequence we are currently cut off e-mails.

Therefore we do not receive any support queries and feedbacks from the feedback wizard. None of these mails, however, should be lost and will reach us as soon as the power and internet connections are restored.

We will keep you informed.

Update 2007-01-19 (08:00 CET): Power has been restored around midnight. All servers are up again and the delayed mails should come in within the next few hours.

tag2find is everywhere!

Friday, January 12th, 2007

We want to thank all the community of bogglers who published some information about tag2find because of that we can say that we are around the world!! Also we invite you to stay in contact with us and send your feedback about our tool and the comments that you receive in your blog to the email

Goals for 2007!

Friday, January 12th, 2007

yanella.png We have finished a year and are starting a new one and at the start of the year it is usual to plan all the goals that we want to achieve for this year even if we haven’t achieved the goals of 2006! The most common goals that I think are always in a list are for example to start a new diet to try to lose weight from Christmas, to try to be more punctual, to find your Prince Charming, to try to stop drinking or smoking….

In my case, my first goal for this year will be to learn German but unfortunately I have to confess that this was one of my goals in 2006 but in the end I couldn’t manage it… and now if I start with my justifications like: it is a very difficult language, I don’t have time to study, the Austrians speak very good English so I don’t need to learn German and so on and so on….

Another goal will be try to travel to Venezuela when I have time. I don’t visit my country and even if I feel good in Spain and now living here in Austria sometimes I need to be in contact with my native people and more when I know that a lot of things have charged since I was there.

goals-2007.jpgI think it is very clear that another goal will be to try to do my best work here in tag2find like marketing and to try to improve every day – of course my list doesn’t finish here but I prefer to keep the other things to myself ;-)!

So…. what are your goals for 2007?

Happy New Year

Monday, January 1st, 2007

A Happy New Year to all of you.

tag2find goes around the world

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

marc.gifFirst of all, thank you all for your interest in tag2find.
Since the article on Techcrunch tag2find is going around the world. We have visits from Honolulu to Wellington in New Zealand and from Umea Sweden to Falkland Islands. We are overwhelmed about your reactions.

Today, I received a message that we are even on the hotlist at


Presently, tag2find is a test version in a technical preview stage. Please mind that some issues are not fixed and we hope to get a lot of feedback to improve tag2find for you. Next week, there will be an update and all requested invitations will receive an email with a password to download tag2find. Therefore, we ask you for your patience.

If you not have been subscribed for an invitation password, click on join beta and enter your email.

How is work in the tag2find team?

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

yanella.pngI am the newest member of the tag2find team the only girl and also the only who doesn’t speak a word of German. I have to tell that all of them are so friendly with me but sometimes it is very difficult understanding people who talk your same language, imagine in a foreign language!!

Since now we all know that every Monday is a very “special day�?, the only thing is I still don’t know the real reason for their attitudes but it is very funny and the most important is that you don’t need to understand what they are saying because it is almost impossible, you will only listen “Oh, Blah, Uy, Nee,�? or things like that without meaning for the others but with a lot of meaning for who is talking! So in the tag2find team you are allowed to express yourself anytime if your work is not going in a good way or maybe it is going wonderful!

Here there aren’t any rules regarding how you must dress, I know that in Austria the people usually don’t wear shoes in their houses, but also in the office? Yes, you can walk around the office with your socks and it doesn’t matter because we are in tag2find!

I think they to like play some sports in their free time but here in the office the official sport is the basketball. Why do you need to stand up to put your bottle of soda in the wastebasket? No, you just need to throw it in the basket and this way you can practice your technique but only when the bottle misses you must stand up and put it inside.
You can know the personality of each person in the office just by listening to the ring tones of their mobile phones, we have all the tastes from sheeps to crickets passing for whistle and the more polite way “you have a call�?.

I hope the rest of my stay in Austria and more specifically here – working in tag2find- I can learn some German and in this way I can participate in the jokes that they have in the office because my German level is so basic that until now I can just say every morning “Morgen�? (morning) when I arrive and when I leave “bis Morgen�? (until tomorrow ) so wish me luck ….but I have something in my favour the good humour doesn’t have a language, it is universal!

It’s done – Impression

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

Here is a little impression of our coding session:


work is done – sleep well 😉