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Server failure

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Unfortunately our web-server VM failed yesterday afternoon with a completely corrupted file-system (a problem I have been chasing for some time now). Our Nagios monitoring system immediately informed us about the problem…

I leave town about once every two years without taking my notebook with me. Of course, this weekend was one of those weekends (can I hear you calling “Murphy” on this ?)…

Well, to sum it up shortly: once I got back, I analyzed the problem and it turned out the filesystem was beyond repair. So I set up a new virtual machine and restored from the last hourly backup before the crash. Everything is back online and there seems to be no data-loss in the forum and this blog. I apologize for the outage and for your inconvenience.

tag2find still goes around the world

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

First of all, thank to everyone out there who sticked with tag2find although there wasn’t much progress. Currently, we are taking further small steps to reach our goal. In the meantime tag2find still goes around the world and people are writing about the technology. We are very excited about it andit ¬†gives us the feeling that there is a need for tag2find out there.

Here are some latest articles:










“What the heck are you guys doing?”

Friday, May 8th, 2009

A very justified question, I confess, and I feel guilty about the apparent non-progress we made. Well, it’s not like there has been no progress at all, but no apparent progress to the rest of the world. After making huge promises more than a year ago, I felt the need to explain what is going on.

After our project lost funding, we tried to find alternatives. We had to take other projects and day-time-jobs in order to go on. These projects and jobs at the moment take away much of our time, unfortunately. As an additional burden, in our attempt to release tag2find as open-source, we need to convince our sponsors that it is “the right thing to do” and not throwing away invested money and development effort.

Third, tag2find is built upon various libraries, open-source and not-open-source ones, that play very nicely together in a closed-source scenario. As soon as you attempt to open-source your code, it becomes really stressfull. I never had imagined that releasing open-source code would be more painful regarding legal issues and licenses than releasing closed-source. Our already mentioned problems with our licensed art-work are playing into this as well…

So, to sum it up and answer the initial question from this blog post’s title: we guys are taking a small step after another in order to reach our goal. We continue and do not give up on tag2find, as we still believe it to be “a good thing”. We have great plans and would really like to have the resources (financial and time-related) to realize them.

We thank you all for your continued support, the fact that you, after all this time we kept you waiting are still bearing with us. It means a great lot to us! You are the reason we try to go on!

Softpedia Award & Review

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Hello world!

Step after step…

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

So, I promised I’d try to keep you more informed from now on. Therefore I just want to publish a short note that we are going on with open-sourcing at the moment.

What has been accomplished up to now? Well. First: all websites and domains have been transferred to a server of mine, all is up and running (blog, website, forum).

Second, I started reviewing the code and libraries we used. It looks quite promising that we will be able to publish most of it under an open-source license. I am currently reviewing and investigating how to treat the situation where one cannot release some libraries under open-source but release the rest. I already contacted the FSF, but I hardly suspect they’ll write back because they for sure get lots and lots of such inquires and most of it should be covered by their FAQs and other documentation (remaining one problem: I am not a lawyer…).

An inconvinient truth but also a chance for the future!

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

Well, there is no easy way to say this for me, so I make it short: the company funding development of tag2find has decided to cease financial support due to reasons not under our control.

So, this one is out, now we need to turn to more positive prospects: While financial support of tag2find development has ceased, we still managed to get all the rights to continue with development in our spare time. We still believe in tag2find and won’t let it down that easily.

So how will we go on from here? The negotiations regarding the financing have taken away most time of the last months, that’s one of the reasons why we are running behind schedule that far. The new situation will not really improve this. We want to personally apologize to all our faithful users who are still bearing with us. Thank you guys for all the motivation you are giving to us via our forum or via e-mail!

At the moment we have to arrange quite a few things, especially the changed financial situation requires us to devote plenty of our time to other projects in order to earn a living and to go on with tag2find development. Thus, development unfortunately will be delayed further, I’m afraid. But I will try to keep you more updated than we did in the last few months via this blog.

A possible nice outcome of this situation might be: we are evaluating our possibility to open-source tag2find! We cannot be certain yet and we have to figure out several licensing issues around this, but we are working on this as well. At the moment we are struggling to figure out if we have the rights to release all of the source-code and/or which license is suitable and can be applied to all our code and all the libraries we are using. Some libraries (especially some Microsoft libraries) prohibits to be released as part of GPL-licensed code, so we have to figure this out thoroughly.

Thanks again for bearing with us and thanks for your ongoing patience!

tag2find still alive :)

Friday, August 17th, 2007


yes, we know we have been a little bit silent in the last few weeks…. ok, ok, I confess, months. I just wanted to jump in and calm all of you down who are worried about tag2find being alive. Yes, we are still here! We are focused on developing. tag2find NG is a very major rewrite, so it unfortunately takes some time. Just give us a little bit more time.

And thanks to all of you who have contacted us in the forum, the blog or via e-mail and offering your help. It is very much appreciated and we do all we can to deliver a product which has been worth waiting for!

New forum for tag2find

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

After we were fighting with our old forum software we decided to switch to Simple Machines Forum. The new forum runs with higher performance and offers several new features, most importantly an RSS feed for the forum!

So now you can subscribe our forum in your favorite feed-reader!

All the old forum data has been moved over to the new forum, therefore you should be able to login and post as normal. If you expect any problems, please let us know (send an! Thanks for your help.

Have fun!

tag2find around the world

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

worldgooglemap.jpgSince we went online (right after Christmas 06) we received soooo much support from you, the users and a lot of news were written about tag2find on different websites. We are proud to present a map of all the different websites around the world who have expressed their opinion, given us feedback and critics and support our ongoing development. See how tag2find goes around the world.

For those of you we accidentally misplaced, please contact us at

tag2find Next Generation tagging

Monday, June 25th, 2007

tag2find Next GenerationIf you followed our website, our forum, and this blog for the last view weeks, you will have seen a lot of hints to “Next Generation”. You may have wondered what this buzz is all about. Well, this article will give you a brief overview and why we here at tag2find are so enthusiastic about it.