Server failure

November 1st, 2009 by martin

Unfortunately our web-server VM failed yesterday afternoon with a completely corrupted file-system (a problem I have been chasing for some time now). Our Nagios monitoring system immediately informed us about the problem…

I leave town about once every two years without taking my notebook with me. Of course, this weekend was one of those weekends (can I hear you calling “Murphy” on this ?)…

Well, to sum it up shortly: once I got back, I analyzed the problem and it turned out the filesystem was beyond repair. So I set up a new virtual machine and restored from the last hourly backup before the crash. Everything is back online and there seems to be no data-loss in the forum and this blog. I apologize for the outage and for your inconvenience.

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  1. wanttag2find Says:

    Hi, any more news on tag2find open source? It’s a great piece of software, I would love to see it improved further (and maintained so it doesn’t break in future…).

  2. martin Says:


    I still can only say the same thing, we are working on releasing it, but there are some administrative obstacles we have to come by.


    Best regards,

  3. Carlos Says:

    Any news? I am in the process of developing an app that does a lot of similar things, plus additional functionality. If you haven’t dropped the project, maybe we can collaborate and make sure your good work does not get lost. Send me an e-mail if interested.

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  5. Jack Says:

    NEWS ?!

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