“What the heck are you guys doing?”

May 8th, 2009 by martin

A very justified question, I confess, and I feel guilty about the apparent non-progress we made. Well, it’s not like there has been no progress at all, but no apparent progress to the rest of the world. After making huge promises more than a year ago, I felt the need to explain what is going on.

After our project lost funding, we tried to find alternatives. We had to take other projects and day-time-jobs in order to go on. These projects and jobs at the moment take away much of our time, unfortunately. As an additional burden, in our attempt to release tag2find as open-source, we need to convince our sponsors that it is “the right thing to do” and not throwing away invested money and development effort.

Third, tag2find is built upon various libraries, open-source and not-open-source ones, that play very nicely together in a closed-source scenario. As soon as you attempt to open-source your code, it becomes really stressfull. I never had imagined that releasing open-source code would be more painful regarding legal issues and licenses than releasing closed-source. Our already mentioned problems with our licensed art-work are playing into this as well…

So, to sum it up and answer the initial question from this blog post’s title: we guys are taking a small step after another in order to reach our goal. We continue and do not give up on tag2find, as we still believe it to be “a good thing”. We have great plans and would really like to have the resources (financial and time-related) to realize them.

We thank you all for your continued support, the fact that you, after all this time we kept you waiting are still bearing with us. It means a great lot to us! You are the reason we try to go on!

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  1. joonro Says:

    It is really nice to hear from you. 🙂 Keep up the good work. I have spent some time but has not found better software than tag2find in file tagging.

  2. sucec Says:

    I don’t understand this. As far as I know, If you use open source library (e.g: gpl v1) you MUST publish your project as opensource too.

    Anyway, I’d really happy to get the source of the program, bec. I’d attach picture tags to files. I have lot of installers, and it’d be nice if I could preview the application’s main screen from a preview in the installer.

    Thx and don’t give up!

  3. martin Says:

    We are currently not using any GPL library in tag2find, we comply with all our libraries license and we ship a list of the libraries used together with their respective license with tag2find. There are other open-source licenses as GPL out there 🙂

    Best regards,

  4. robin hood Says:

    You just dont have the d… for it. you will never succeed.

  5. Mart Says:

    No more news – anyone out there ?

  6. x Says:

    That is just annoying.

  7. martin Says:

    Yes it is, even for me. Have you ever tried getting people who invested in something to actually “give it away for free” (from their point of view)? If you have, you might actually understand my frustration as well.

    Best regards,

  8. LCT Says:

    I’m disappointed that tag2find is no longer being updated as I found it an incredibly useful tool in the past. Now that I’m on Windows 7 I’m going to have to find another software for tagging. Too bad you couldn’t team up with some others who are working on academic productivity tools and applications to integrate tag2find in their products. Scieplore Mindmapping is one that comes to mind…

  9. Hikari Says:

    Any news? Or did you give up for lack of funding?

    I think tag2find’s filosophy got outdated… I mean, there are many FOSS projects out there. You need a community to support you.

    Or then just give up opensourcing it. I’ve bought some productivity apps and would buy a good tagging tool too.

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