(Bad) News regarding the artwork

May 25th, 2008 by martin

We just received answer from the company we licensed the icons and other artwork for tag2find… Unfortunately they cannot grant us permission to release the icons alongside an open-source version of tag2find.

Unfortunately this means more roadblocks on the way to releasing the open-source version, as we now not only need to get around some libraries we used but also need to replace almost all of the artwork, which adds quite significant additional work. But we won’t give up so easily…

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  1. FuNKeR Says:

    Doesn’t the Silk Icon Pack from http://famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/ contain all the needed icons?

    As far as I know everybody can use the icons for every project you wish.

    Hope I could help a little 🙂

  2. Joel Says:

    Keep up the good work! Currently trying out your software and I love it. Can’t wait to see it improve and grow.

  3. martin Says:

    @FunKeR: thanks for the link, I will definitly have a look at the icon collection!

    Best regards,

    PS: Sorry for taking so long to approve your comment, I forgot that all comments containing a link are retained for approval in order to reduce SPAM.

  4. AJ Says:


    Heres another set of free icons you can use, see what the fine print says and this might possibly be another option.


    Best o luck

  5. Asjudc Says:

    Hello from Russia! Thank you guys for tag2find. It’s best local tagging tools. It’s amazing! Best regards. I love tag2find.

  6. Morten Says:

    How far are you with open-sourcing the project? 🙂

  7. martin Says:

    Well… I got a compiling version with a lot of dependencies removed… it compiles, but does not run at the moment….

    So yes, I am still working on it 🙂 But time is running by so fast and my day-to-day job is killing me at the moment (regarding time)… I hope to find some time over the summer… Sorry 🙁

  8. R Says:

    Tag2find is great for managing my downloaded academic journal articles. I can think of improvements (eg hierarchical tags – I’d like to be able to tag documents by country, and sometimes search by country and sometimes by continent), but it is great already and deserves to live on and thrive. Good luck!

  9. sevket Says:

    if you should still be in the need of icons – i could create some special icons for tag2find 🙂

    greetings from italy

  10. martin Says:

    Hi, thanks for the offer! I will definitely contact you regarding this!

    Best regards,

  11. Plouceur Says:

    Hi, I like and use tag2find so… where are you now? Is the project still alive? I guess you could also so an online version of this tool, provide management features for to easily rename or merge, delete tags. Plenty of things to do and there are not many news here.
    Did you thought about google’s new ability (still experimental) to run compiled code plugin in a browser??
    Thanks and I hope the project is still alive

  12. martin Says:


    thanks for your continued interest in tag2find. Of course we are still alive, in fact there has been some major progress in preparing the code for the open-source version this week. We will announce anything as soon as we are ready, because I don’t want to make any further promises I can’t keep.

    Best regards,

  13. Nayelianne Says:

    I’m really happy to hear that tag2find development is still alive. I’ve been using tag2find for some good months now, and it’s a godsend to me. 🙂
    Anyways, I’m just popping in to wish you guys luck with the project, and say that I really appreciate all the work you’ve been putting into it.

    Thank you for this awesome software

  14. okutane Says:

    Why not just release your sources without artwork and with broken dependencies? The community will you make it running faster.

  15. martin Says:

    We are about to do this. There are still some code-dependencies to clean up, though…

  16. Sleek Says:

    Hi martin,

    This app is awesome, although development seems to have stopped some time ago.

    IMHO, it doesn’t matter if the code doesn’t compile or run. The community is interested enough in this piece of software to take and continue running with it.

    On the other hand, after open-sourcing tag2find, you will definitely find that there are too many flavors of tag2find offshoots. Each one will do something great, but none will have the perfect combo of features.

  17. martin Says:


    you are definitly right that the community will take this up (that’s the reason why we want to do this). There are still some legal reasons which I can’t explain further, but they should soon be resolved.

    Best regards,

  18. mamelouk Says:

    Just here to give you my support. (the forum seems to be down)

    If we can do anything to speed up the opensourcing, lets us know.

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