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January 22nd, 2008 by martin

So, I promised I’d try to keep you more informed from now on. Therefore I just want to publish a short note that we are going on with open-sourcing at the moment.

What has been accomplished up to now? Well. First: all websites and domains have been transferred to a server of mine, all is up and running (blog, website, forum).

Second, I started reviewing the code and libraries we used. It looks quite promising that we will be able to publish most of it under an open-source license. I am currently reviewing and investigating how to treat the situation where one cannot release some libraries under open-source but release the rest. I already contacted the FSF, but I hardly suspect they’ll write back because they for sure get lots and lots of such inquires and most of it should be covered by their FAQs and other documentation (remaining one problem: I am not a lawyer…).

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  1. keero Says:

    Are these libraries irreplaceable? Perhaps there are open source alternatives. I bet if you identify alternatives the developers of those alternatives will help incorporate them into tag2find. However, my programming experience is mostly in scripting so there remains the problem that: I am not a programmer

  2. martin Says:

    At the moment these libraries are rather central to tag2find. We are still investigating this and also resolving several other issues.

    Another thing is I am a little bit busy at the moment, so I have trouble keeping up with my schedule regarding tag2find… Sorry folks 🙁

    Best regards,

  3. belasungkawa Says:

    I wish you all the best, Martin.

    I’ve been using tag2find for a while now and I love it, very much! As for the busy moment, well…take your time, Martin.

    But please don’t let the development stop , because you have a very good and functional and unique software, and I’m addicted to it LOL

  4. martin Says:

    Thanks for your encouraging words. We’ll do our best 🙂

  5. armando Says:

    Hi martin,
    There are many useful community on the web, as you know. If you’re looking for some help, you could always try to see if you could get some in one of the numerous existing forums. One forum I love is Maybe some people there could orient you towards some interesting solutions ? Just a thought.
    I wish you all the best!

  6. Joel Says:

    I agree with armando’s suggestion. There are loads of people working on open source programs and some of them will have experience transitioning from closed to open as you are trying to do now. Try submitting a question to Slashdot or posting in the forums at Sourceforge ( Somebody, somewhere is bound to be able to help you out.

    Best of luck!

  7. martin Says:

    Hi guys, thanks for your supporting words 🙂 It really helps.

    Best regards,

  8. robotmarvin Says:

    hi martin,
    i have been struggling to find my way in and out tag2find for a couple of days. this was what i was looking for for a long time. thanks for your work. great job. i would definitely pay if this were sold. bravo!

  9. Prem Says:

    In your previous post you mentioned
    “Some libraries (especially some Microsoft libraries) prohibits to be released as part of GPL-licensed code,…”

    Found this great summary on Licenses :

    Seems Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) would be a good option as it does not have restrictions of GPL.

    Here is the snippet, with detilas at the given link.
    The Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)
    Used by Microsoft. Compiled derived code can be distributed, for both commercial and non-commercial use. If the source code is to be redistributed then a complete copy of this license must be included in the redistribution.

    Provides copyright protection: True
    Can be used in commercial applications: True
    Bug fixes / extensions must be released to the public domain: False
    Provides an explicit patent license: True
    Can be used in closed source applications: True
    Is a viral licence: False

    Hope this helps…

  10. anon Says:

    Any news? tag2find is amazing, and I want to see it continue. I use it to organise my massive PDF collection of academic journal articles for my phd, I don’t know how else I could manage them as well as tag2find does. A bit of development (full text searching in PDFs, or even searching filenames, would be fabulous) and it would be compulsory for academics!

  11. armando Says:

    I agree!

    Dear Martin, what’s up with the open sourcing… Any news ?

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  12. martin Says:

    Hi guys,

    sorry for the delay. The problem is that at the moment we are fully covered in work (need to earn a living :)). The idea is still there and it will definitely happen, I/we just need more time. Sorry 🙁

    Best regards,

  13. armando Says:

    Thanks for your answer. Yes… money definitely helps… 🙂

  14. martin Says:

    I managed to get some time to start setting up my Windows development machine again. During this I took some time to look through what has to be done in order to be able to opensource the code… and found something I completely forgot about: the artwork (i.e. the icons).

    We use a commercial icon library and I am not sure that we may use the icons in open-source… I will try to find out who I may contact about this.

    Sorry once again, guys 🙁

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