An inconvinient truth but also a chance for the future!

January 15th, 2008 by martin

Well, there is no easy way to say this for me, so I make it short: the company funding development of tag2find has decided to cease financial support due to reasons not under our control.

So, this one is out, now we need to turn to more positive prospects: While financial support of tag2find development has ceased, we still managed to get all the rights to continue with development in our spare time. We still believe in tag2find and won’t let it down that easily.

So how will we go on from here? The negotiations regarding the financing have taken away most time of the last months, that’s one of the reasons why we are running behind schedule that far. The new situation will not really improve this. We want to personally apologize to all our faithful users who are still bearing with us. Thank you guys for all the motivation you are giving to us via our forum or via e-mail!

At the moment we have to arrange quite a few things, especially the changed financial situation requires us to devote plenty of our time to other projects in order to earn a living and to go on with tag2find development. Thus, development unfortunately will be delayed further, I’m afraid. But I will try to keep you more updated than we did in the last few months via this blog.

A possible nice outcome of this situation might be: we are evaluating our possibility to open-source tag2find! We cannot be certain yet and we have to figure out several licensing issues around this, but we are working on this as well. At the moment we are struggling to figure out if we have the rights to release all of the source-code and/or which license is suitable and can be applied to all our code and all the libraries we are using. Some libraries (especially some Microsoft libraries) prohibits to be released as part of GPL-licensed code, so we have to figure this out thoroughly.

Thanks again for bearing with us and thanks for your ongoing patience!

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  1. AJ Says:

    What a blow! I’ve been watching the development of Tag2Find very closely and hanging out for your commercial license version.

    I work solely with Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and identified great potential for Tag2Find’s role as a pre implementation tool for clients.

    My ‘master plan’ entailed helping clients define their initial SharePoint taxonomy nice and early on in the project lifecycle, whereby i would then install Tag2Find on their network. I would then use their initial SharePoint taxonomy to create a controlled vocabulary and they could work away and tag happily for a few months when their SharePoint was setup and ready to go. Finally I would hit a very large green button and import everything into SharePoint. (My Dev team haven’t heard about this step yet, I intend to lubricate this peice of work with the promise of a few pints to sweeten the deal)

    Why the above pipe dream…
    If Microsoft have an issue with the libraries etc tell them ‘lots of people’ see it as a very simple tool complimentary to successful, customer smile inducing SharePoint 2007 Enterprise content migrations, followed by standard business buzzwords like ROI, could do the trick.

    If open source is a reality, i’d be up for contribution

    Good luck, i’m following closely, fantastic work you should all be proud of your efforts.

    AJ, London

  2. martin Says:


    I am already working on the open-sourcing, especially evaluation of libraries and licenses involved (whew, I never thought it could be so complicated to open-source anything…). Besides that I am also working on several administrative things, e.g. the website itself has already been moved to a new server. Unfortunately most of this has to be done in my spare time right now so it is not as fast as I wished it would be.

    Any contributors are highly welcome once I am able to release the source code! Thanks for stepping forward, AJ!

    Best regards,

  3. mamelouk Says:

    sad news

    I’ve been using t2f every day since I discovered it, and I was hoping for the next version. I was starting to have some great ideas on how to use tags (it take some time when you are )

    Well, I hope you’ll succeed in open the source code. I’ll start learning c# just for this ^^


  4. martin Says:

    Well, in fact I don’t think it’s that sad news, in fact I really see it as a chance. Currently the chances are quite good we’ll succeed in open-sourcing… I’ll try to write a blog post for updating everyone soon. I’m at the moment a little bit busy in my spare time, so I cannot proceed as fast as I wish to, but I am definitely working on it.

    For instance, the website has already been moved to my own server, all domains are now in my possession. I am currently reviewing code to check if/which libraries are compatibile with open-sourcing…

    Thanks for bearing with us!

    Best regards,

  5. eash Says:

    Wow, what a blow. I was really looking forward to the commercial version so I could submit it to our companies accreditation process. I’ve been using it for quite a while now and it has been a lifesaver to find some of those hard to find files.

  6. John Redstar Says:

    I”m sorry to hear that your funding has been cut! However, your product is quite revolutionary for the ability to organize my usually cluttered desktop. I was kind of hoping you would decide to open source the tool, I think it would be a GREAT product for the initiative.

    I hope you find you solution soon, and I look forward to the next release.

  7. Vikram Says:

    Great enthusiasm friends. I appreciate your fervour. Surely, you will march ahead. all the best

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  9. sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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