You are using 96dpi? You are my friend!

June 29th, 2007 by martin

stop.jpgWe spent the last few days resolving an issue which we never realized we had: support for “large fonts” setting, i.e. resolution other than 96dpi. Today more and more users are switching to 120dpi because even small notebooks have very high screen resolution and reading a small font on a small screen is not very comfortable.

Unfortunately, we never tested tag2find in other resolution settings than the default, primarily because we personally did not have a need for it. We came around this when we realized that the Configuration Wizard bug reported to us several times was directly linked to the selected font resolution. Once we switched, we got a shock: tag2find was unusable at settings other than 96dpi. The user interface was completely broken and several components were inaccessible because they were not drawn at all…

One should think that Microsoft .NET provides some support here… Well, it does, but unfortunately central parts of its layouting engine only work reliably if you work at 96dpi. After almost three days of development we finally made it to get the UI working for modes other than 96dpi, almost without glitches. Some final issues need to be resolved, then we are going to publish a new version with the fixes included.

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