Our next steps

June 6th, 2007 by marc


So, what are our next steps for tag2find? After launching the first version of tag2find and receiving a lot of helpful feedback from users we decided to offer a download without subscription to make it easier for everyone to contribute.

In the meantime we designed the next generation of tag2find based on the world wide feedback and we also planned our network version which enables users to tag files on different PCs. This extended version will also include a network monitoring system for tagged files. It will increase productivity in workgroups. Here an example: Anna is working on a project with Tom. She is writing a report which she should hand to Tom once finished. Instead of telling him via email, telephone or at the next meeting, she tags the file with “projectname” and “report”. Tom uses the monitoring system of tag2find. He subscribes for those tags and as soon as Anna copies the file onto their shared folder, he will be automatically notified. Isn’t this a cool stuff?

For our next release we will again invite users from all around the world to join our testing program. But this time we would like to give something back to you. We plan to award users for their time they spend to improve tag2find. There will be little presents like t-shirt, polo shirts, etc. and we are also negotiating with a famous watch company to sponsor this program – see create your own watch face by laks.

That’s it for today. We plan on writing more about the exiting topic of tagging in the future as well as tell you about our lives here at tag2find office. Stay tuned for our next article 😉

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