tag2find wiilympics!

May 11th, 2007 by yannella

tag2find team had a very nice start of the week during their first wiilympics. The competition consisted in different categories (Bowling, tennis, baseball, boxing and golf) and we must admit that the final results were very equal, now let’s see what is going to happen in the second part of these Olympics 😉

See the results and some images…
Qualification for wiilympics

Pos. Name Points
1. Martin 19
2. Philip 18
3. Marc 17
4. Krispin 14
5. Stefan 13
6. Sebastian 12
7. Aphrodite 9
8. Yannella 7
stefanyannella.gif philipaphrodite.gif the-winner.gif sebastian.gif
martinsebastian.gif krispin.gif tennis-semifinal.gif boxing.gif
philipsebastian.gif krispinmartin.gif tennis_final.gif finnal.gif

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