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Public technical preview launch!!

Friday, May 25th, 2007

Even if we still in a phase of technical preview we decided to offer tag2find without any registration. Now is easy to enjoy tag2find!! You just need to go to download and that is it! Once you’ve installed tag2find, start to create your own world of information and your way of organizing the information!

The next step is to offer the next generation of tag2find to primar testers so stay in contact with us checking our blog to be one of the first testers of the tag2find’s next generation. There will be a lot of surprises 😉 …

tag2find wiilympics!

Friday, May 11th, 2007

tag2find team had a very nice start of the week during their first wiilympics. The competition consisted in different categories (Bowling, tennis, baseball, boxing and golf) and we must admit that the final results were very equal, now let’s see what is going to happen in the second part of these Olympics 😉

See the results and some images…

tag2find’s next generation!

Friday, May 11th, 2007

Have a look at the preview design of tag2find’s next generation. We still invite you to send us your feedback about this new version and tell your opinions about it:

Here are some images from the new version.

screenshot12.png screenshot22.png screenshot3.png screenshot4.png screenshot5.png

Version for everyone

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

Tag Logo 80x80Two days ago we silently released version (download) to the public. It is just a very minor bug-fix release including several minor fixes for bugs that have been reported to us.

It seems that for some reason the update-notification could have caused a crash in versions prior to this one, so we recommend anyone to upgrade.

The 0.10.x series despite some usability issues is stable enough to be released to the “general public”. Therefore we have removed the requirement to subscribe in order to download tag2find. Please note, this is still a Technical Preview, there still are bugs and we still need you to get rid of them. Please help us make tag2find a better tool.

We are now working on an improved version of tag2find, regarding both user interface and functionality. This will take us some time but until then we will continue to support 0.10.x with bug-fix releases. The team is going to give you a glimpse of what is about to come in the next one or two weeks. Some information are already available from our “next-generation page” on our homepage. You are highly encouraged to comment on the new user-interface (either here or better in our forum).

Thank you all for your ongoing support. We really love to work with and for people like you. Any suggestions are as always also welcome in our forum.