tag2find v0.10.0.14 is out

February 26th, 2007 by martin

Tag Logo 80x80We are proud to release version to our testing community (download). This version realizes several changes you requested and also introduces two major new features. We also now provide an extended manual.

What’s new

  • New File Notification
  • Drag & Drop out of the application
  • Export and import of tags (basic backup functionality)
  • Basic Tag-Suggestions
  • Several dozens bug fixes regarding stability
  • Several dozens of minur UI tweaks to enhance usability

Please let me give you a short description of our new major features.

New File Notification

One of the major problems with the usability of tag2find was the fact that you often forget to tag new files after you create them. You always had to search for the file on the harddisk, drag&drop them to the application or use the Explorer context menu to start tagging.

This is why we introduced the “New File Monitor”, which will watch certain folders (which you can define) for new files of a certain type (we provide you with a good set to start with). Whenever a new file is created in such a location, you will be notified by a small popup that there is a new file and you can now quickly and easily assign your tags to this file.

Notify Icon New Untagged Files If you find such a popup to be too obstrusive, you can deactivate the automatic popup and tag2find will still notify you with a changed icon in the notification area (next to your clock in the taskbar). If you single-click with the left mouse-button (right for left-handed mouse-settings), the New File Monitor window will appear.

Export and Import of Tags

Many users have asked us how they can save their tags if they are going to set up their computer again or if they move over to a new computer. Up to this release, there has been no official and easy possibility to do this (we apologize for that!).

Now you can do the following to save and restore you precious tag information: open up a new TagBrowser and select “Export…” from the “File” menu. A wizard will guide you to exporting your tag information to an XML file. This file contains in plain text, which tags are applied to which file. If you copy this file over to a new computer, you can then chose “Import…” and chose the XML file for importing files. It will load all tags from the XML file and display an edit view with all found files and the loaded tags. If you chose “Save”, the tags will be added to those files.

Please note, that for importing tags the files need to be at the same path as they were when exporting the tags. We will work on this in later releases to allow more flexibility here.

Extended Drag & Drop

You can now not only drag files into tag2find, you can also drag them out of the search result popup or the TagBrowser. If you drag files over to explorer, the files will be moved/copied. If you drag them to your e-mail composer window, they will be attached to the mail. If you drag & drop them to an open application, most applications will open the file you drop.

The behavior is the same as from Windows Explorer, so anything you can do with drag & drop from Explorer, you can now also do from tag2find!

Basic Tag-Suggestions

When installing tag2find for the first time, the most amount of work goes into building your own tag world. To aid you in this task, we now provide a wizard which will provide you with initial tag suggestions. After installation, it will automatically open tag2find to guide you through a basic tagging for your files. At the moment, we are at the beginning for providing those suggestions and will continue to put effort into development to get smart suggestions.

This version provides suggestions based on

  • folder path: often existing path names can also be used as tags, so this can get help you get started
  • file names: based on the filename, the type of the file is determined and tags for music, documents, images, etc. are suggested
  • metadata: MP3 files already contain metadata, called ID3; this data is extracted and suggested as tags

You can start the wizard at any time by selecting “File” -> “Add Files from” -> “Directories”.

Other Changes

Notify Icon Service Busy Many users have justifiably complained about the “Service updating database…” notification which was way to obtrusive. We removed this notification as a whole and just change the icon in the notification area (next to the clock in the taskbar) to indicate this. If you disabled the notification in the settings, not even this change of icon will happen.

What’s next?

We will now turn to the long-promised re-design. We will try to integrate all the very precious feedback you gave us over the last several weeks.

One big part will also address problems reported to us, especially the performance of the file tracking algorithm we developed and its unhappy coexistence with some anti-virus programs. We will work on the memory- and CPU footprint of the tag2find service and the UI.

Another major part will be a complete redesign of the user interface. We have some quite cool ideas for making tag2find a cool, clean, fast, and easy-to-use application. We will go back to the scratch-board and starting painting again. This will take some time, but be assured we will keep you informed about our progress.

We’d further once more like to express our gratitude for being such a wonderful group of testers and for providing us with such invaluable feedback. Without you all we’d be stuck and could not go on. We hope you’ll stay with us until the next version comes out and we are sure you’ll see that it was worth waiting for it.

8 Responses to “tag2find v0.10.0.14 is out”

  1. Hannes Offenbacher Says:

    Hope to become a beta tester 😉

  2. martin Says:

    Ups, now I even deleted my own posting where I appologized for the accidentially deleted comment by Markus Hübner… Sorry. But the SPAM is too heavy the last few days, we will have to install some sort of SPAM blocker for this blog… 🙁

  3. Markus Hübner Says:

    Trying once more 😉

  4. martin Says:

    Welcome back. 😉

  5. Stuart Godwin, Jr. Says:

    Not sure if this is the place for this query, but I downloaded version Had some trouble, and attempted to remove it. That’s where I hit a snag. The right-click menu still shows two entries for Tag2Find (Quick Tag This and Edit Tags), but neither works. When accessed, they give a message: COULD NOT FIND START TAG2FIND.

    Any suggestion as to how to rectify this, mand get the program running?

  6. martin Says:


    the context menu entries should be removed once you reboot your computer. If they are not, please contact us at support@tag2find.com and we will help you remove them manually.

    Best regards,

    PS: you can also always ask any questions in our forum at http://forum.tag2find.com

  7. Terabanitoss Says:

    You are The Best!!!

  8. Eric Says:

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title tag2find v0.10.0.14 is out. Thanks for informative article

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