tag2find v0.8.2.1 is out

January 19th, 2007 by martin

Tag Logo 80x80Today we released v0.8.2.1 of tag2find (download). It is a minor bug-fix release based on the feedback and errors submitted to us.

Fixed bugs:

  • Crash after restarting from hibernation.
  • An “Edit tags…” context menu entry for Windows Explorer, which allows editing in the TagBrowser instead of just adding tags in the Floating TagBox.
  • Crash of the service when turning back system time.
  • Improved error handling for recoverable errors.
  • Several other minor bug fixes.

Regarding the issue of restarting from hibernation, please report to us if the fix works for you. We had quite some trouble fixing it as we could not reproduce it on our computers, and additionally the bug seems to be inside of the .NET framework, as it does not involve any of our code. Any feedback regarding this issue is highly appreciated! Please use the Feedback Wizard or email us at contact@tagfind.com.

We will now immediately start working on the features scheduled for v0.10. There are no further 0.8.x bug-fix releases planned, but we will introduce them if required.

3 Responses to “tag2find v0.8.2.1 is out”

  1. Wespennest Says:

    Tagging: Suche in der Ablage…

    Ich gebe es zu: Ablage war für mich schon immer ein Horror. Das hat sich auch am PC nicht geändert. Wer viel am PC arbeitet, muss auch viele Dateien verwalten und das nervt. Dass ich damit nicht allein bin, nützt mir nix. Nutzen bringt v…

  2. Jeff Mason Says:

    What does the T2Fservice.exe do? I have a hunch that it is constantly touching my files in a way that makes my (Network Associates / McAfee) on-access virus scanner go nuts. In particular, since installing the upgrade, Virus Scan has been running almost non-stop, in a typical day scanning 5 times as many files as I have on my entire machine! Since rebooting last night, “on access” scanning (not a scheduled system scan) has scanned about 48 GB, and I only have about 70 GB of data on my drive.

    I haven’t been able to figure out from logging exactly what is causing this, but I’ve seen some hints that it might be that Tag2Find service…

  3. martin Says:


    thanks for your feedback. The T2Fservice.exe is tracking files if they are moved. It is doing so by checking the NTFS Named Streams we attach to the files containing the tag information. I suppose this triggers the On-Access-Scanner if it is set to scan on every read. With bad luck, the access of the On-Access-Scanner itself could trigger our service to check if the tags of the file have changed again, which would result in a unfortunate loop…

    We will investigate the issue and try to solve it. Our file tracking algorithms are going to be subject to heavy rework and performance improvements for the releases after v0.10.

    Thank you for your very valuable feedback!

    Best regards,

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