Goals for 2007!

January 12th, 2007 by yannella

yanella.png We have finished a year and are starting a new one and at the start of the year it is usual to plan all the goals that we want to achieve for this year even if we haven’t achieved the goals of 2006! The most common goals that I think are always in a list are for example to start a new diet to try to lose weight from Christmas, to try to be more punctual, to find your Prince Charming, to try to stop drinking or smoking….

In my case, my first goal for this year will be to learn German but unfortunately I have to confess that this was one of my goals in 2006 but in the end I couldn’t manage it… and now if I start with my justifications like: it is a very difficult language, I don’t have time to study, the Austrians speak very good English so I don’t need to learn German and so on and so on….

Another goal will be try to travel to Venezuela when I have time. I don’t visit my country and even if I feel good in Spain and now living here in Austria sometimes I need to be in contact with my native people and more when I know that a lot of things have charged since I was there.

goals-2007.jpgI think it is very clear that another goal will be to try to do my best work here in tag2find like marketing and to try to improve every day – of course my list doesn’t finish here but I prefer to keep the other things to myself ;-)!

So…. what are your goals for 2007?

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